Randomosity: TJMaxx Treasure

If I'm ever in search of a good deal on clothes or housewares, I can  usually count on one of these three  Ross, Marshalls and TJMaxx.  But never did I think one of them would be a great place to find make-up.

I was surely wrong.

A couple weeks back I took a trip to TJMaxx and found this little gem.

 I'm holding it upside down. My lighting makes the far two right one look similar but 
they're so different. One has a gold undertone, while the other has a purple undertone.

It's a NARS eyeshadow palette. Regularly it's priced at $50.00 but I only paid $29.99 (excluding tax)

Truly a Steal!
So for my monies (lol) I'm getting six shadows for about $5 each, which is a steal when it comes to NARS.
It was hidden amonst a bunch of riff-raff. But I was persistent in my search. The colors are amazingly pigmented and beautiful.

So, along with CVS and Walgreens, TJMaxx might have made it to my weekly visit hit list.

And I also cam across some CHI hair products, along with other high-end hair products. So that might save me a couple bucks when I need to restock on my CHI Keratin Mist or ever decide to try their Silk Infusion.

Happy hunting!

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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P.S.S. And my face isn't the only place where I like to add color. This morning I painted an accent wall in my bedroom Kingfisher Teal and updated my bed with a new bed set and a suede-ish headboard. I'm in love. :-)

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Randomosity: Schools Out!

As of this past Friday, I've finished my last fall semester at UF. The semester had really been trying but with God I pulled through.

And with this much needed break, I've been opportuned to dedicate some much needed energy to KF and my beloved blog.

For the next few weeks I'll be working on finally getting my business cards out, a few gigs and some much needed updates. I've made some recent discoveries and made a few essential purchases for my kit (and myself. lol) that I'd like to share. So be on the look out for an onslaught of posts. lol

More to come. :-)

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre