Ode to the Portfolio- Kickoff

Currently at my school all my friends are graduating around me, heading off to start their new life delving into new projects and prospects. But I've still got a year to go.:-( (I got sidetracked, unfortunately) Instead of sulking in pity, I'm taking advantage of the opportunity afforded me at the present moment.

My friends are taking cap and gown pictures and just general pictures to commemorate their last moments at UF. And guess who came up with idea of doing make-up for those their pictures?


Thus far I've booked about four girls for grad pics. It may not be a lot but anything will do in order to build my portfolio, practice on different faces and improve my overall skills. This past weekend I did a photo shoot for a flier that a friend of mine are creating to do the make-up for the local high school girls in town, which is another opportunity to build my portfolio.

Below you'll see a green look that I did on a friend of mine. I was so nervous while I was doing her make-up but every opportunity afforded me was a lesson learned.

Make-up Products used:

Primers: face-Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel ( great alternative to more expensive bases), eyes-Urban Decay Primer Potion followed by Black Bean Pencil (NYX)

Foundation: Everyday Minerals- Deep Tan followed by Deep Dark MSF

Brows: Wet n' Wild-Dark Brown set

Blush: Be Chic- Coral

Lips: Sheer pink gloss

Shadow Placement: Inner 1/3- Jaden (Cuberry), 2/3- Aquamarine (NYX), last 1/3- Gunmetal L'Oreal H.I.P. darker green side), outer v and crease-black tie (covergirl), from Almay trio for bhighlight- lightest color brown eyes, lower lashline-jaden 1st 2/3's and Gunmetal- last 1/3

Lessons Learned:

-Better Organization. One moment I'll put a brush down, forget where I put it and go hunting for it, which probably added on to my time

-More make-up brushes, especially medium-sized eye shadow brushes. I found myself having to clean my brushes to pick up another color to avoid muddling/

-Faster make-up application skills. I'm such a perfectionist that it takes too long to apply the make-up

Items needed for the kit:

-Disposable lip brushes, using cotton swabs don't cut it.

-Disposable mascara wands

-Lip color options ( lip stick, glosses)

Questions that need to be answered:

-How does one sanitize eyeliner pencil or lip liners?

-And if you're using disposable mascara wands, is there any point in using different formulas (Ex. Covergirl Lashblast, L'Oreal Telescopic) if you can't get the benefit of the brush?

Skills to work on:

-Better foundation application. I have a bad a habit of forgetting to blend it appropriately into the hair line.

-Confidence. It may not be a skill per say but I found myself questioning my work and hesitant when applying her make-up but the compliments I've been receiving thus far have really gave me a boost as to whether or not I'm able to make it..

That's a lot that I learned within one session.

Overall, I fell in love with the look. It even hurt me to watch her take it off. Lol

But it's only the beginning!


KissyFace Artistry is Becoming a Reality

This dream came to mind almost two years ago. But it's only been recently that I've been taking the steps to pursue it wholeheartedly. I'm finally taking the steps to make this a reality. I wanted to track my ups and downs, the steps that I'm taking to build what I would like to be my livelihood. I know that the road won't be easy but I'm excited to see what lies ahead, how I will get there and what I'll be doing to get there.

Words aren't enough to express what I'm feeling at this moment. I just want to share the journey of creating KissyFace Artistry.