Handling My Biz: Domain Name

When it comes to business, its important to have appropriate ownership so I registered my name KissyFace Artistry for a Web site. I'm loving the journey so much that I just had to grab it up.

So, without further adieu:: DRUMROLL PLEASE:: I present:


lol. It's still links back to my blog but, hey, it's a start.

I purchased the Web site back in June but with the ongoings of this past weekend, it gave me the gusto to actually put it to use.

Doing make-up at this event truly gave me the drive to take the right steps and making KissyFace Artistry as official and legitimate as possible. There's no room for game playing 'round these parts.

So either using kissyfaceartistry.com or with the addition of blogspot you'll still get the necessary tidbits about the growings of KissyFace Artistry.

XOXO and many blessings,

B. Pierre

P.S. Summer term was officially over as of last Friday and business finance has made it's way out of my life. :-) Now only 16 more credits to graduation. :-)

P.S.S. Welcome to the new followers. It's highly appreciated. There's more to witness, experience and see in the future.