KissyFace TV| Chocolate Face

Here's the video as promised for this look I posted this morning.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

Haitian Heritage Month| Chocolat

 Morning Lovelies,

Better late than never, right? 

Or according to Mr. Drake, "Never late is better."

Well regardless of what stance you take, I wanted to share with you a few more looks that was supposed to go in my Haitian Heritage Month Series posts for May. Now I know that we're in the end of June but I still wanted to share the looks regardless. 

This particular look turned out to be a favorite one that I wore multiple times after creating the look and I even used it for a wedding that I did makeup for earlier this month. It's a natural look but it still shines in it's own right.