Portfolio: Warrior

How bad of me. I can't believe I never posted this. Goes to show how little attention I pay attention to my blog. =( I started this blog to chronicle my journey as a makeup artist. I know how important it is to journal things because you can always look back to see where you've been.  And you can only create a future, avoid repeating your past mistakes and understand where you currently are by knowing where you've been. 

So here's one of my pics from the summer portfolio I created.

Photography: Edson Andre
Model: Wanting

Two NYX jumbo pencils ( Milk and French Fries) and one FaceFront Cosmetics pigment, Maple Brown Sugar, helped to create this look. I'm digging masks, so I may experiment with that in the future.


Portfolio: Splash

Photography: Edson Andre
Model: Wanting
This look was inspired by a look I saw on Jaleesie's tumblr site. It was just so bright that I wanted to try it. Of course I put my twist on it. And I made her lips nude, so all the focus could be on her eyes.

Portfolio: Brush Strokes

Photography: Edson Andre
When the photographer wanted me to do this I was a bit puzzled, I admit.  But this turns out to be one of my more favorite ones. For the most part I'm a fan of symmetry but it defies that and I'm still in love with it.

I couldn't tell you what I used. It just came together with a bunch of NYX eyeshadow pencils and various eye shadows.


Porfolio: Barbie Girl

This shoot was so fun to do. Her facial expressions were dead on.
Photography: Edson Andre

Portfolio: Obviously Pink

When I was creating the look, I instantly thought of a superhero. I was almost tempted to make it a mask. lol I even joked around with the name Pink Powergirl. Yea, that was a weak attempt. lol And this is the third picture from my business card.

Photography by Edson Andre
Model: Anna  K.


Handling My Biz: Business Cards

I got one thing checked off the list I mentioned in my last  "Handling My Biz" post. My cards made it into my hands, not even an hour ago.


I'm elated!! Now, when I meet with people, I have something to give them.

Happy Friday all!

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. I haven't forgotten about my previous photo shoots that I plan to post. They'll b up in the coming days. =)


Handling My Biz: Updates

Brooklyn Home OfficeImage by mkosut via Flickr
Recently, I've made started making moves to driving KissyFace Artistry toward being legit. There's more to it than the make-up, a strong factor of business is involved too.

Business Cards
I know it seems like the obvious thing that I should have done when I first wanted to start business cards. As many times I started designing one I gave up. But thanks to the kindness of a graphic designer friend of mine we finally knocked that task out of the way. I should be getting them next week .=)

I can't wait! =)

No, seriously, I can't. That's one thing I need to get better with, which is patience. lol

Model Mayhem
Some of you may not be familiar with the site but its a online community of photographers, makeup artists and models who work together on collaborative efforts.

Almost everyone I've known has been pushing me to get on there. And a few weeks back I did. And I'm making some connections and already worked with one of the photographers and model from there. So, thus far, it has been worthwhile.

Find me there at MM#: 1705920

Future Endeavors 

LLC Status
This has been a toughie. I've crunched the numbers and it's going to take a couple hundred dollars to attach that to the end of my name. So this may have to be held out till the end of the summer =/

A lot of friends on Facebook ask me to do this but I'm still skeptical. I  have a page (KissyFaceTV) just in case I ever do decide to go that route. I may give it a go one day. But for now, it's a no, well I don't know. lol

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre
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Porfolio | Captured Fire

Here's another look I created earlier this month. I just love this look.

Using colors of yellow, orange and pink and an NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean were used to create the look.  Exact details are below.

Model: Whitney Rae J.

primer: L'oreal Decrease
base: Yellow| NYX Jumbo Pencil
inner third of lid : Bee Incredible |FaceFront Cosmetics
main lid: Sunset | NYX
Outer Lid: Little Gremlin| FaceFront Cosmetics
Outline: Black Bean | NYX Jumbo Pencil

main lip: Little Gremlin| FaceFront Cosmetics mixed with M.A.C. Clear Lipglass (sheer application)
middle of lip: Bee Incredible |FaceFront Cosmetics ( dabbed)

Unfortunately, I don't recall what color I used on her face but it was Dream Matte Mousse Foundation.

But, overall I loved how it turned out. =)

I've got just two more looks to share with you all from what I've recently done.

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre


Flower Pretty

Visit Edson's site, for more of his work.

And Anna, you were a joy to work with=)

For a list of products used. Check it out here

Portfolio Building: Flower Pretty

Here's another look I was fortunate to create about two weeks ago.

primer: L'oreal Decrease
base: NYX jumbo pencil in milk (not pictured)
inner tear duct:  Lightfall by M.A.C.
main lid: Fishnet by Urban Decay
crease & browbone: Bee Incredible by Face Front Cosmetics
upper lashline:NYX jumbo pencil in  Purple topped with Makeup Forever No. 92
waterline:Rimmel London soft kohl kajal eyeliner in Purple Passion
mascara: Revlon's Beyond Natural Defining Mascara in Black 

foundation: Tantone in RCMA foundation palette
cheeks: Coral by Be Chic

lipgloss:  clear M.A.C. lipglass mixed with Scratch from  the Urban Decay Palette

This look was pretty easy to create the only unconventional aspect to it was the placement of Bee Incredible from the crease to the brow bone, but I'm really trying to stretch myself. Want to see what I'm talking about? Checkout the final  look in my portfolio!

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre