Randomosity: A Tragic Day-01.12.10

This may be a makeup blog but I just had to share because being of Haitian descent, this hits home for me. If you haven't read in the news, watched TV lately or checked up on twitter, at this very moment Haiti is in a time of tragedy.

As of yesterday afternoon, Haiti was hit with a 7.0 earthquake and an onslaught of aftershocks.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers and to help, text YELE to 501501 to make a $5 contribution for relief efforts in Haiti. It's affiliated with Wyclef Jean's organization, Yele Haiti Foundation.

To read more on my thoughts check out my other blog, B. Pierre Writes.

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre


Look of the Week: School Daze

Today is the first day of spring classes. Yay!

Even though my blog is solely focused on make-up, school has an impact on my make-up journey as well. The closer I get to graduation, the closer I get to focusing more of my energy towards KissyFace. :-)

Yes, it's strange that I'm excited about school but I don't hate the feeling.  I guess because I'm so close to graduation, I can't help but be excited. Usually I don't care to look good for school but today it was different. And of course I had to do a post on it. I pincurled the hair and did my make-up. And even dressed up.

I felt uber cute today.

So, here's what I used to create my first day look.

Moisturizer-  Pond's dry skin cream mixed with Maybelline Mineral Power Bronzer
Powder:  M.A.C. Mineralized Skinfinish in Deep Dark  set with a rosewater and glycerin spray I make
cheeks: M.A.C. Raizin

brows: Wet 'n Wild  brow powder and Victoria Secret's concealer  ( it's awesome)
main lid:  MA.C. rich & earthy ( notoriety quad from the MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection)
crease: M.A.C. spiced Chocolate (spiced chocolate quad from Cult of Cherry Collection)
highlight: Covergirl in Champagne
eyeliner: Wet'n Wild cream eyeliner in black
waterline:Rimmel London in purple passion

lipliner: MAC Chestnut
lipstick: M.A.C. Fresh Brew
ligloss: M.A.C. Icescape

I'm just beaming with so much energy. It's redic. :-)

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

Looking Back to Move Ahead: Unfinished Business

UnfinishedImage by hyper7pro via Flickr
Ok, in my last post I mentioned that I have some housework to get done.

Every once in a while i like to reflect on things that I should change, get better at or get rid of in my life and it's that time again.

I've looked through my posts and I realized that I leave a lot of stuff undone, like an unfinished puzzle.  I had every intent of finishing it or going through with it but life happened. But KissyFace is part of my life and neglecting it, is in it of itself neglecting myself. Sad, but true.

So, I've actually gone through every post and looked at what needs to actually be done or posted on. My goal is for the end of the month. I'll be posting an update list tomorrow.

With a new zeal I've gained, I'll get it done. I hope you enjoy. :-)

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre
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Look of the Week: Happy New Year

Ok, better late than never. Right?

Well, it's a new year and like always we all have plans to change and what not. But unfortunately they sometimes never stick.

I quit making resolutions a few years ago and I like it that way. It eases the pressure of having to accomplish something by Dec. 31. Sure, i have goals and thinks  I want to accomplish by a certain date but I don't limit my plan-making to Jan. 1.  I make plans and adjustements year-round. It's just my  opinion but for those who've got those resolutions listed, get to making them happening.

As for KissyFace, i hope to keep it going to where it's destined to be.

And to ring in the new year, I have a  look that I wore on Christmas to kick-off the reintroduction of my looks of the week, which I haven't done since the summer. (I know that's so bad of me.)  With a favorable academic schedule this semester, they'll be happening more often. It doesn't necessarily go with what's categorically a holiday look. But vibrant colors are always what I love to wear so I wasn't going to change that. =)

I took the pic on my phone so the quality isn't the best it could be.

Once again, happy new year everyone. I feel there's some housework that needs to take place so that'll be on the next post.

Till next time. =)

XOXO & many blessings,

B. Pierre