A Little History on My Dear KissyFace Artistry

I planned on doing this post just to share a little bit of background on what KissyFace Artistry is and how it came to be but it's going to be more than that.

One of my old girlfriends gave me a call this afternoon and after catching up for a little bit on what's going on in each others lives the conversation quickly diverted to a comment she made to another mutual friend regarding me.

"I want to be just like her."

"She wants to be just like me?," I thought.

I was a bit shocked. She had been referring to me pursuing KissyFace Artistry.

Quickly, I said,"Don't be like me. Be like you."

Only because of the shame and guilt I felt for not pursuing to make KissyFace all that I wanted it to be as I planned and spoke about. I know she's still a baby and moving too fast isn't the best course of action but with all the talking and so-called planning I'd been doing KissyFace should be miles ahead from where it is now. I may have spoken with too much angst but nevertheless progress isn't where it should be, which bothers me.

With my stats of being only 22, working part-time, going to school full-time and a woman yearning for spiritual growth in God, along with a slew of other interests, I'm being pulled in all kinds of directions but shouldn't let it stop me from pursuing what is to be for me. I can't let these reasons, or what other say are excuses, deter my course of action.

I'm not to sure about others or what others believe in, but I say with complete faith that KissyFace wasn't something thought up on my own but placed in me to be brought to life.

Back in 2007 KissyFace Artistry started off as a passing idea which over the years has grown to it's present reality. It's funny but the idea for my business was before I even knew what a make-up brush was or even dare put one to my face. But that all changed in 2008.

After picking up Iman's book, " The Beauty of Color: The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Skin of Color," I was hooked. School was put on the back burner along with everything else. Never in my life had I delved into something with such zeal and passion. And after taking that year growing in knowledge and in practice, in April 2009 KissyFace Artistry was officially launched.

Never was I so sure about something. It felt so right to me. Couldn't anybody tell me anything about me or my passion and what direction it was headed in.

I say this to share, to maybe give inspiration and to let others know, that each of us are capable of being great people and doing great things. In whatever area that may be in choose to excel and pursue it wholeheartedly. Dare to be bold and attempt what is in your heart. Who knows what the results will be.

I speak about KissyFace Artistry with pride. I have no children so it's like my baby. And I need to treat is as such. Unfortunately, as of late, I've been a bad mother. Hearing my friend praise me for having the courage to start a business today really made me think in my pursuit and actions in making KissyFace Artistry the greatest realization it can be.

On a daily basis new ideas are coming to mind on how to push forward with KissyFace. I just need to take the time to plan it out and take action.

I created this blog to chronicle my daily steps to building KissyFace Artistry. It was put here to hold me accountable for my actions towards this ultimate goal.

I don't want to be just another blog. I want it to mean something. And if I have anything to do with it, it will!!!! [ Gotta speak things into existence. :-)]

Sorry for being long winded but I was just in a sharing mood. :-)

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. No more of my sob stories, starting tomorrow. I promise. lol All things make-up and beauty is in full effect. I'm backlogged on too many posts but I'll get a move on it. Hope you don't mind seeing or reading more from me.


Neglecting No More!

"Excuses are for the weak."

But I'm far from that.

"If you truly love something, you'll devote your attention to its needs."

Yes, that is true. But I've been neglecting KissyFace Artistry for everything else. It's so sad but is no lie.

All I can say is, "no more!" B. Pierre is in full effect with pushing towards making KissyFace Artistry all that it can be. Being in school full-time and work and other reasons are no longer excuses.

Thanks so much to those who are still diligently following. All the plans I had started are still going to happen and more. Don't worry I'll make you and myself proud. ;)

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. Tomorrow's posting is gonna take a walk in the past, just some background on what brought about KissyFace Artistry. From there, it'll be nothing but great details on building my skills, and overall KissyFace Artistry. Hope you enjoy and are as excited as I am! :-)