Autumn Beauty Series| Classic Black Smoke

Happy Tuesday!!

I'm coming to you with another tutorial! This is the second installment to the Autumn Beauty Series. 

I think this is the perfect look for this season. I just think smoky eyes are so appropriate for this time of year!

Of course, I've included some pics below.
without flash

close-up of the eyes
with the flash
And the list of products as well!

Base| Black Bean by NYX
Lower Lashline | Cinderfella by M.A.C.
Main Lid| Zero by Urban Decay
Crease| Alaska followed by Grey  by NYX

Under Eye Concealer| NW45 in Select Moisturecover by M.A.C.
Powder| Deep Dark in Mineralized Skin Finish

Lipliner| Mocha by Beautique
Lipstick| Fresh Brew by M.A.C.
Lipgloss| a creamy sheer pink

Thanks so much for all of your continued support. 

Also, if you have any questions that you want answered about makeup tack it down below as a comment and I'll be sure that it makes it onto my first Q&A video!

Much Love & Many Blessings, 
B. Pierre

P.S. Happy Turkey Day!!!


No Laptop, No Posts!

My laptop is going through some MAJOR issues and I can't get anything done. ::side eye::

I had my posts lined up and everything. #sadface

Hopefully, I'll have at least one post up by Friday.

Hope your week is going smoother than mine. Lol

Much Love & Many Blessings
B. Pierre
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Handling My Biz| Marketing & Branding 101 Pt. 1

"Describe your company in 15 seconds?"


That's the exact response I had when I was first asked that question back in April while attending an effective communication strategies workshop. 

In only a few words, we were charged with considering what makes our company/service unique and why would someone would choose to work with us over another that offers a similar service.

And I simply drew a blank.

I just couldn't hone in on what made KissyFace Artistry tick. And that was a problem. Sure I love doing makeup for people but it wasn't enough to have support the brand that I envisioned for KissyFace.

Fast forward to October, and I started making it one of my personal missions to get a grasp of how I wanted to define KissyFace from a business perspective. 

The first book I picked up was Rework. Actually it was given to me over the summer, but I didn't get to it till October ::hides face in shame::. lol

It highlighted the fact that the traditional rules to making a business work needs to be thrown out the window and you should go for it. And it made me think of things in a new way, especially in the areas of marketing and branding that I needed to consider.

Here's what  I took away:
If you're successful, people will try to copycat what you do. But to protect yourself form copycats: make you part of the service, inject what's unique about the way you think about what you sell, make it something no one else can offer*
When I read that, it opened up my eyes. I always thought to put KissyFace in the limelight and I'll slink away in the background. But I'm learning that it can't work that way. I'm quirky, loud and energetic and I want that same energy to be apart of KissyFace.. From there, the collabo of KF and BP ( that's me. lol) emerged.  And honestly, it's been making creating KF a lot more fun.
Lucky companies have fans but the most fortunate ones have an audience. An audience returns often to see what you have to say because they're the most receptive potential customers you'll ever have.*
The text goes on to list what it takes to build an audience which were to:
-make videos

I have the potential to do all those things and I have been but not consistently. That's not fair to me and the potential of what KF can be. So, I'm disciplining my self to do all of the above. it gives me an opportunity to really flesh out what KF can turn out to be through trial and error. And I know in the end it'll pay off. Besides, they're not that hard and I love doing them. It'll  just take a huge helping of discipline. =)

There's a lot more I could share on the book but these two were the most pertinent to marketing and branding KF to me, and I just wanted to share the journey I'm currently taking with KF.

Next Friday, my experience on marketing and branding continues.

And check out the book, it was a really quick read. I read it on the plane ride back from Ireland, which in total took me about four-five hours to read.

Have an amazing weekend!

Much love and many blessings,
B. Pierre

*all the quotes were paraphrased but I wanted to make sure that I appropriately attributed to the source.
FTC disclosure: the book was recommended to me by a friend. I'm not affiliated with 37signals


YouTube | Tutorial Smoky Brown Chestnut

So, after having introduced you to some purchases that I've made, I went ahead and made a video for the Smoky Chestnut Quad.

I originally starting making videos just to practice my skills but I'm finding that it's helping me out in so much more. Being able to communicate what I'm doing, getting practice at editing videos and really helping me with my presentation skills. Saying ummmm, so much is not a good look. And maybe being a little dressed up more. lol. My hair needs some attention.

And I wanted to give a special thanks to the readers who've stuck it out with me thus far. I really feel I'm in a place to make things happen and I have God to thank for that. Thanks to so much knowledge and wisdom, I've gained as of late, I know KissyFace Artistry can only go up from here! I'll do a special post on that tomorrow.

So enough of me rambling, below are the products I've used.

Base| French Fries by NYX
Lashline| #1*
Lid/Crease| #2*
Inner Tearduct| cream color to the side*
Lower Lashline | #1*
*all colors come from the Quadpro

Concealer| Level 6 Brightening Concealer by Prescriptives ( no longer made. #sadface )
Powder| Mineralized Skin Finish ( MSF) by M.A.C.
Cheeks| Coral blush by Be Chic

Gloss| Mauve Infallible Lipgloss by L'oreal topped off with Clear lipglass by M.A.C.

And here are a few pics too!

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre


Overseas Haul | L'oreal at the Airport

I'm not too big on "hauls" but I just wanted to share with you some stuff that I purchased while I was overseas back in late October. As part of my grad program, we had to go to Ireland for about a week.

One of my missions was to pick up some make up while I was there. I was so busy with everything that I ultimately forgot about it until I got to the airport and picked up these babies!

 I know it's L'oreal, a brand we carry in the states, but it was better than nothing. Even though I wanted something exclusive to them, I'm happy with my purchases. And I don't think I've seen anything like this packaging in the states, which was reason enough to get it.

And as trite as this may be, I love the multiple languages used in the back with French being first, followed by English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

I've already done a look with the brown palette. And I plan to on uploading a tutorial on it soon. 

So, that's it-- my two items from overseas. =)

Hope you all have a pleasant Wednesday!

Much Love & Many Blessings
B. Pierre


YouTube| Autumn Beauty Series: Cherry Raspberry Delight

So, after going a month without making a video, I'm back in the game.

I must say that getting this video edited was a hassle. From being busy with school, having Windows Movie Maker issues and a side of lazyness, this video took a week to get done. But hopefully, I'll find a routine and stick with it.

I've included some pics. As you can see I was heavy handed with the concealer in my brows which is a no-no. But I'm posting the pics to serve as a reminder and to show you guys that everything isn't always perfect and I have room for improvement. And I'm always willing to grow from my experiences.

The list of products used are as follows:
Lid| Jazzy Bronze ( NYX)
Crease| Sweet Chestnut
Highlight| Nano Gold
Lower Lashline| (outside to inside) sweet chestnut, jazzy bronze, nanogold
Waterline and Upper Lashline| Zero by Urban Decay
Mascara| L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition in Blackest Black

Concealer| MAC NW45
Powder| MAC Mineralized SkinFinish in Deep Dark
Cheeks | MAC Raizin

Lipgloss| Queen Bee Liglass ( M.A.C.)

Till Next Time!

 Much Love & Many Blessings, 
B. Pierre

P.S. I'm aware of the off-center pics. Blogger did not want to cooperate so I left it as is. o_O. lol


KissyFace Approved? | EOS Lip Balm

Long time no blog! Yes, I know. How typical. So instead of boring you with the details lets press on with the some newness.

In one of my previous posts I introduced you to this little beauty.

As you you can see, It's been worn done to the little mound that you see before you.

The one I purchased was mint. So what did I think?

I loved it! It's applied with no problem and it left a tingly mint feeling on my lips and tasted minty too. It was really moisturizing and really helped me out during those dry lip emergency moments. And what I was surprised about was the length of time that it stayed on my lips. Even in the midst of eating and  no matter the weather, it lasted for hours. I wasn't constantly reapplying, which was a definite plus.

It was even a great conversation starter. Every time I pulled it out people were questioning as to what it was because of it's odd shape.

This is definitely KissyFace Approved. And I'm definitely going to be adding it to my kit.

In fact, I went out and purchased the honeydew scented/flavored one. I like this one even more because of the scent. So, if your ever in the market for a lip balm this is definetely one to consider. =)

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. Find me on Facebook, on Twitter and YouTube.
*FTC Disclosure:  These were purchased with my own funds
and were not provided  by the manufacturer for consideration.