Portfolio Building: Purple Princess

Make-up was heavy in action this weekend. Two early mornings back to back to be exact. I'm finally getting some free time with the summer to add to the portfolio


primer: L'oreal Decrease
base:  white |NYX jumbo pencil (not pictured)
inner lid:  Animated [white side] |HIP Matte Shadow Duo in Animated
middle lid: Solitude | Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette
outer lid: Raisin | Covergirl
crease: Raisin | Covergirl and Eutopia | NYX
browbone: Lightfall | M.A.C.
lower  lashline:Sunset | NYX
mascara: Black | Revlon's Beyond Natural Defining Mascara(not pictured)

concealer:  darker of the cream colors | VS Concealer Palette
brow fill-in: Ash Brown |Wet 'n Wild  Ultimate Brow Kit

foundation: NW 50 | M.A.C. Pressed Powder with Fix+ | MAC
highlight: Shell Pearl | M.A.C.
cheeks: Dirty Plum | M.A.C.

lipgloss: clear lipglace M.A.C. mixed with Raisin | Covergirl

This had me nerve racked. Sometimes I find it harder to work with a family of colors than it is working with colors that are obviously not alike. It's  important to find a balance in making sure that the colors have a gradient effect but the same time each color is able to stand out on its own. Hopefully, I accomplished it with this look Tell me what you think!

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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