Handling My Biz: Updates

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Recently, I've made started making moves to driving KissyFace Artistry toward being legit. There's more to it than the make-up, a strong factor of business is involved too.

Business Cards
I know it seems like the obvious thing that I should have done when I first wanted to start business cards. As many times I started designing one I gave up. But thanks to the kindness of a graphic designer friend of mine we finally knocked that task out of the way. I should be getting them next week .=)

I can't wait! =)

No, seriously, I can't. That's one thing I need to get better with, which is patience. lol

Model Mayhem
Some of you may not be familiar with the site but its a online community of photographers, makeup artists and models who work together on collaborative efforts.

Almost everyone I've known has been pushing me to get on there. And a few weeks back I did. And I'm making some connections and already worked with one of the photographers and model from there. So, thus far, it has been worthwhile.

Find me there at MM#: 1705920

Future Endeavors 

LLC Status
This has been a toughie. I've crunched the numbers and it's going to take a couple hundred dollars to attach that to the end of my name. So this may have to be held out till the end of the summer =/

A lot of friends on Facebook ask me to do this but I'm still skeptical. I  have a page (KissyFaceTV) just in case I ever do decide to go that route. I may give it a go one day. But for now, it's a no, well I don't know. lol

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre
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