Haitian Heritage Month| Chocolat

 Morning Lovelies,

Better late than never, right? 

Or according to Mr. Drake, "Never late is better."

Well regardless of what stance you take, I wanted to share with you a few more looks that was supposed to go in my Haitian Heritage Month Series posts for May. Now I know that we're in the end of June but I still wanted to share the looks regardless. 

This particular look turned out to be a favorite one that I wore multiple times after creating the look and I even used it for a wedding that I did makeup for earlier this month. It's a natural look but it still shines in it's own right.

To further prove, my love for the look I decided to do the tutorial on someone else. I wanted to see how it would turn out on someone else. And so far it has turned out amazing on whomever I do the look on.

Regarding the inspiration was this piece of real cocoa. It smells divine!

And cinnamon.

Other ingredients such as sugar and evaporated milk go into making Haitian hot chocolate but I chose to focus on the richer colors when creating this look.

I wasn't able to find a color that was closely matched the ruddy color of the cinnamon and had to settle for something else as you see here, which is  Copper Penny  by Covergirl below.

I had half a mind to use the actual cinnamon but of course I got real because how would it look if I used spices on someone face? So I settled for the alternative.

Even though I didn't have exact colors on hand, I loved how it turned out through the interpretation.

Check out the pictures on  the model I used for the video and some pics with the look on me. It looks great on so many different skin tones.

And here are the products used to create the look.

Base| Orange on inner third of lid // Milk on outer two-thirds of lid ( NYX) 
Lid- |Golden Sunrise on inner third (Covergirl)//Copper Penny on outer two-thirds of lid ( Covergirl)// Karat  (NYX)
Crease| Surabaya II (NARS)// Spiced Chocolate ( M.A.C.)
Highlight| Shimmery Nude Color ( from Almay brown eyes eyeshadow trio) & Apricot ( NYX)
Lower Lashline| Copper Penny (Covergirl)
Waterline | Any black liner
Upper Lashline| Black Gel Liner by Black Radiance
Mascara| Lash Stilletto in Very Black ( Maybelline) followed by Telescopic in Carbon Black ( Loreal)

Face ( Model)
Highlight -Taj Mahal ( NARS)

Lipgloss| Undeniable Mauve ( L'oreal) topped off with Clear Lipglass ( MAC) on my self,
Lipliner| Mocha ( Beautique)
Lipstick | Mila's Plum ( Revlon)

I'll be posting the video later on this afternoon.

Have a beautifully blessed Saturday, lovelies.

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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