Clientele Highlight: Ruche Hour

On Friday I was in Orlando doing make at UCF Faces Modeling Troupe Ruche Hour event. I was set do makeup for one designer which included four girls but ended up doing  only got to do three of them because of time and I did another young lady that walked in one of the last scenes. She was  apart of the FACES family from USF. She's so sweet. I only got to take pictures of three of the girls that I did though.

I did a smokey eye on her using Cinderfella from the Style Black collection. 
I might have to go back and pick up Guilded by Association. 

I used golds, pinks and a raspberry group of eyeshadows. Either I need a new
camera or need to really learn the settings on the one I
own right now :-/ It looked really darling in person.


I used a combination of Young Punk by M.A.C.,  Fishnet and Ransom from 
my Urban Decay shadow palette. Sorry for the undone brows. 
I was pressed for time. But I loved how this purple smokey turned out. 
The camera didn't capture the glitter as well as I wanted it too.

All, in all it was amazing experience. When I first got there I saw other make-up artists from Paul Mitchell and I must admit it really made me nervous because i never went to school. And that really took a toll on my confidence. But after a while, my nerves eased up, my confidence came back and I was bangin' out the faces of the lovely young ladies. :-)

And as always, with each experience new knowledge is gained.

1. Have Confidence
When I did my first girl (she's not pictured) I was just a ball of nerves.  I was constantly second guessing myself and what I was choosing to do with her. I knew what I was capable of but with each girl my nerves eased up and I was able to work and really create some awesome looks.
2. Write Down What I Use.
Sometimes I don't know what look I'm going to do and I create them spur of them and I instantly fall in love with them ::pat on the back::  I'm thinking that will be important to write it down for future reference just in case I may want to recreate it or change it up for future work oppportunities.
3.  I Need a BIGGER Traincase
The one that i bought from Yazmo is entirely too small. Yes, it is awesome and really sturdy but plain and simply said, carrying extra tools and neccessities in a ziplock bag in my Barneny bag is not going to cut it. I'll probably use that for small shoots or shoots where I'm specifically packing the items that I know I need.
4. Organization is Key
My old roommate helped me pack my make-up kit appropriately and I thank her for that. I'm looking to invest in a set of drawers from the container store so I can house all my make-up necessities. That way when I have to pack up my items they're all in one location instead of all over my room. Remember I still am I college student. But I also need to aknowledge that it's not an excuse for poor organization on my part. Precious moments I waste looking for sponges, or brushes or whatever it may be could be better utilized on something more productive.

And I had to get a shot of me too. Lol. I felt so important when I had a seat reserved for me... Ah, the little details. :-)

I just had to rock the necklace!
Till next post!

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre


CrossEyed Robyn said...

I see you Bethy!!!!

SmallWorld said...

OMG I am sooooo proud of you!!!!! Please call me so we can discuss future ideas..... I see big things girlie! Congrats on a successful tunrout!!!

KissyFace Artistry said...

Aww, you ladies are making me smile.... :-)
A Robyn: I see you too, Ms. robynann.com

@ Tiffany: I got you! :-)