Randomosity: Walgreens-In My Stash

As promised, I'm sharing the goodies I got from Walgreens last night.

I'm really hooked on lips at the moment so those were the things I was drawn to while browsing the make-up aisle. For the most part, I've always been a clear and/or pinky lip gloss kind of girl. So, in a desire to expand my skill set and have fun with some lip color, I was really interested in the lipsticks and the highly pigmented lipglosses.

So on with the stash!

From L'oreal, I picked up two lipglosses and and two lipsticks. The lipsticks I chose were more fall-color oriented and somewhat safer colors. As for the lipglosses I went for highly pigmented options.

For the lipsticks, I chose:

and Mulberry ( I forgot to take a pic of the name. :-/)

Here's a quick swatch of them.

It may have been a better idea to do them on my lips. There's always next time. As you can see, Milla's Plum has a more pink nature, while Mulberry leans to more of a purple hue.

As for the lipglosses, I picked up two of Loreal's Infallible lipglosses in:
(Undeniable Mauve)

(Barely Nude)
I wore Undeniable Mauve today. Got some compliments on it too.

 And it really lived up to its infallible name. If I hadn't eatten, I knew it would last as long it said it would, which highly impressed me. I'll give a more in-depth review later.

Even though it wasn't on sale, I picked up a clear lip liner. This is so ingenious!

As you can see, it's not exactly clear but I'll see how it works. I'm just excited to not have to match up lipliners with lipsticks and what not.

And for the eyes, I picked up two Maybelline Stiletto Lash mascara's.

I wore it today and it simply was amazing! After I applied my eyeshadow, I loved the length it gave to my lashes. And with the trick I learned from a recent MAC class, they curled up pretty nicely too.

I'm pretty satisfied with my purchases. I may be a Wal-mart girl, but they sure don't have deals such as these. I may make it a habit to check out CVS and Walgreens on a weekly basis and share my finds. Who knows.

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. Tonight I made a stop at CVS. They had a BUY 1, get 1 FREE deal on Revlon eye and lip products. And....... I bought more lipsticks..... :-/ Maybe, I'll post on it later. lol

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