Randomosity: TJMaxx Treasure

If I'm ever in search of a good deal on clothes or housewares, I can  usually count on one of these three  Ross, Marshalls and TJMaxx.  But never did I think one of them would be a great place to find make-up.

I was surely wrong.

A couple weeks back I took a trip to TJMaxx and found this little gem.

 I'm holding it upside down. My lighting makes the far two right one look similar but 
they're so different. One has a gold undertone, while the other has a purple undertone.

It's a NARS eyeshadow palette. Regularly it's priced at $50.00 but I only paid $29.99 (excluding tax)

Truly a Steal!
So for my monies (lol) I'm getting six shadows for about $5 each, which is a steal when it comes to NARS.
It was hidden amonst a bunch of riff-raff. But I was persistent in my search. The colors are amazingly pigmented and beautiful.

So, along with CVS and Walgreens, TJMaxx might have made it to my weekly visit hit list.

And I also cam across some CHI hair products, along with other high-end hair products. So that might save me a couple bucks when I need to restock on my CHI Keratin Mist or ever decide to try their Silk Infusion.

Happy hunting!

XOXO & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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P.S.S. And my face isn't the only place where I like to add color. This morning I painted an accent wall in my bedroom Kingfisher Teal and updated my bed with a new bed set and a suede-ish headboard. I'm in love. :-)

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Makeup On A Budget said...

I've heard about nars being at tj maxx. Too bad I'm broke lol. The palette is very nice!

Shana said...

ooh that is a deal for real cause I just ordered this palette from the nars site lol enjoy

yummy411 said...

omg great find! lucky you! pretty bedding.. makes for good sleepy nights!

KissyFace Artistry said...

@ Makeup on a Budget: Yea, it was a bargain. But I haven't had much luck at finding other stuff. I'll keep cheching back.
@ Shana: Oh, wow. I didn't know tht it was still on there for purchase. What I really want is there bridal palette.
@Yummy: I did feel lucky. It was like it was there waiting for me. As for my bedding, it's so cozy. I just love that I made the change. =)