Handling My Biz: Skool Daze

As soon as I got into the swing of daily blogging, school and work came in to ruin the fun. I've got a huge exam on Monday, business finance, and I just started a new job this previous Monday. So with studying and the long hours of orientation/ training, something's got to give and unfortunately it's the blog at the moment. :-(

By next Wednesday,after the exam and a settled work schedule, KissyFace Artistry will be back to regularly scheduled programming. It's official I'm a blogging fanatic and I dare not turn away now. :-)

Here are some of the future posts that'll be up next week. They're not in order though.
Handling My Biz: Certified Am I?
Clientele Highlight: Crossing the Stage
Kit Building 101: Eyes, Lips, Face
Look of the Week: Cheri, I adore Thee

I like to have non-traditional titles, well, because I'm quirky that way.

Be back next week.:-)

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

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