Handling my Biz: Making it Legit

Being in business for oneself can both be a scary and exciting thing. But for me it's more about the freedom and independence that comes with the territory. I've never been too keen on following the lead of others so ultimately my destiny was to be an entrepreneur.

But a good entrepreneur knows his/her limitations and takes the initiative to locate the best resources to get things done the right way, which I'm trying to do at the moment. Going freelance is more than just make-up, there's a business component to it as well.

With the various tags of inc., llc, co. and etc. I don't know where to start and where I'm headed in the market. But thankfully I have a local small business development center to turn to. From my research it's a great place to learn how to start a business. Once a month they hold a three-hour seminar that speak on the seven basic requirements for a business start-up.

According to the site those include:
-Selecting an Idea
-Testing the Market
-Acquiring Capital
-Writing a Plan
-Turning for Help
-Understanding Legal Requirements
-Putting it All Together

Aside from the seminar, they have one-one-counselors available for personal help and other valuable resources. It's been quite helpful for people that I've talked to so I know that it'll be a valuable experience. So that'll definitely be an addition to my summer list of to-do's.

Even though my blog will heavily be based on my make-up trials and tribulations, I want to dedicate one weekly post to the business side of it all because I think that it's so important. So whatever I learn, I'll be sure to share.

So, enough of me blabbing, go ahead and enjoy your weekend. As for me my weekend is kick starting with doing make-up for a client tonight and a fancy girls night out tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to post the photos's for both my Clientele Highlight and Look of the Week next week. I still have other pics from other photoshoots that I need to post, so we'll see how that pans out.

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S.The position that I'd mentioned earlier in the week is officially mine. I start Monday. Shoot, after three interviews, they had better hired me. lol


Jasmine Nicole said...

Great post!! A lot of valuable information!! Good luck with your any and everything your are working toward!! And please continue to tell us about your journey!!

KissyFace Artistry said...

Thanks so much, hun. It's an element that we as women should try to learn about if we really want to be business-minded individuals. So I only thought that it be right to share what I learn with those around me.

And I'll definitely keep things updated. :-)