Clientele Highlight: Pageant Pretty II

The pics from Friday's Hispanic Heritage Month Pageant came sooner than I expected.

All the contestants in their gorgeous gowns

So, as promised here are some pics of the women I got to work with on Friday. I tried to choose some photos that really captured their face best.

 Hope you like. :-)

showin some dance moves

singing her heart out

the excessive blush was on purpose ;-)

modeling their lovely ensembles and she looked amazing.

I loved her gown...

smiling bright....

just one more flick... lol 

Also, I forgot to mention my other life saver for the night from a previous post, which was the Notoriety quad from the Make-up Art Collection.

the colors are a little washed out

The colors worked beautifully on each of their varying skintones.
I'll definitely keep it in my "simple and go-to" stash.

Oh, and thanks so much to Rakesh Behara for snapping the photo's. His contact info are on the pics.

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

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