Skill Building: Class is in Session!


I did it again.

I went ghost.

But skip the reasonings cuz I don't want to bore you with the details.

So, without further adieu, a post. :-)

This past weekend having a Saturday off, which I haven't had in a long while, I was invited to attend a local M.A.C. class on fall trends.

a few of the things we got to play with

And the instructor?

An artist who's had the pleasure of working with....

::drumroll, please::

Kim Kardashian


Lol. But seriously she was so down to earth and I must say I picked up a few tricks and scribbled down lots of notes.

I love the notepad that they gave us. Really cute!

And of course, I couldn't just go to the class. I had to make a few purchases.

Welcome to what I like to call my Style Black Triplets.
sorry for the blurry image but you get the point. :-)

Yes, they are gorgeous. You've all seen the YouTube videos, countless swatches and rave reviews.

They'll make an awesome addition to my kit for smokey eyes. I can't wait to play in them.

That's it. ::crickets:: lol

Have a safe weekend!

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. I'm doing make-up at my school's Hispanic Student Association Pageant, which is part of it's month long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at UF. So of course expect a post featuring the lovely ladies.


Makeup On A Budget said...

Ooh young punk and blue flame. I'm so jelly :( lol. I'll have to settle for the l'oreal hip metallic versions. You ready to bang out faces for the pageant?

KissyFace Artistry said...

Sorry for the late response. It was actually on Friday. It went well. I got a post coming on it tmrw. Look out for it... :-)