Spring | Bring On the Bright!

Hi Lovelies,

To usher in the spring appropriately, I chose to go with a super bright and load look to kick off the season. This look was inspired by a blog post that I read a few weeks ago on Fashion Bomb Daily.  I absolutely fell in love with it and had to try it.

Spring is one my favorite seasons and this was my attempt at celebrating it.

So on with the tutorial!

And a couple pics too.
 without flash

with flash

snapshot from the video

Listed below are the products that I used:

Base| Hot Pink & Yellow ( NYX Cosmetics)
Lid| Incredible Bee (Facefront Cosmetics) & Sunset ( NYX)
Crease| Little Gremlin ( Facefront Cosmetics)
Highlight| **add in later**
Lower Lashline| Incredible Bee ( Facefront Cosmetics) & Graffiti ( Urban Decay)
Upper Lashline| Yellow (NYX) topped off by Sunset ( NYX)
Mascara| Carbon Black Telescopic (L'oreal)

Undereye Concealer| MAC NW45
Powder| MAC Mineralized SkinFinish in Deep Dark
Cheeks | Red-Orange Pigment ( M.A.C.)

Lipliner| Chestnut ( M.A.C.)
Lipstick| Fresh Brew ( M.A.C.)
Lipgloss| Savory ( H.I.P. by L'oreal)

 Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday night!

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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