Clientele Highlight: Cap and Gown Glory

Here are the long-awaited pics from my friends graduations that I did makeup for in early May. One wanted a more natural look and the other wanted more color to her eyes. It just happened to be a trend at my school for everyone to get professional photos done for graduation, which I'm not mad at. I'll probably be doing the same when I walk across the stage next year.

Val wanted more of the natural look so I kept her bronzy and simple. I only used two colors for her lid.

Main Lid- a wash of Sunset by NYX
Crease- Brownie Points by Jane Cosmetics
Highlight-Champagne by Covergirl
Eyeliner- Brown by Jane Cosmetics
Waterline-Zero by Urban Decay
Lower Lashline-Karat by NYX

As for Kedly, she was more drawn to colors and I was allowed to have more creative liberty with her eye makeup.

Unfortunately I cant recall what I used on my second friend but it was a combination of greens from NYX.

And when it comes to more work for my portfolio I'm planning on hiring a few local photographers to take some shots. I'm working on getting pricing estimates and I'm officially designating July as primetime for building my portfolio and want to do about eight girls by the end of the month.

This means I need models aka some good friends to use as my willing subjects. I need to plan out the looks to maximize the greatest potential for each of the looks in order to showcase the array of work I can do. Next week I'll be giving an update on how things are going on my current portfolio's project progression. :-)

I've also got some great news to share as well but I won't spill the beans until next week Monday. I still need to firm up a few things before I go public with the details.

Look out for my post on Eyes, Lips Face tomorrow because like I said before, I'm getting through all the posts I planned on doing and a little more.

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. All the pictures are by my friend Edson. Check out the rest of his work on his Web site.

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