KissyFace Approved: E.L.F. Shader Brush

Yesterday, I mentioned the three eye shadow brushes that I purchased from E.L.F. and they are amazing. I'll definitely be adding more to my kit.

They pick up color really well and only cost $1.

KissyFace Approved? No doubt about it. For such an economical price and great ability to pack on color, there's no reason for it not to.

And after cleaning my brushes. I added them to the brush belt.

Aren't they purrty? :-) lol

It looks a little empty at the moment, which means I definitely need more brushes or is that another excuse to go shopping? lol.

Have a safe weekend and Happy Fourth of July!

XOXO and many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. I've got some great details to share next week so stay tuned. I'm uber excited.


Shana said...

yay! I currently dont have any elf brushes besides the bent eyeliner (its great by the way for gel liner application, check it out) I will have to look into them. Thanks for the tip! have you tried crown brush?

KissyFace Artistry said...

I keep hearing about them and I've visited their site but I've yet to make a purchase. They look pretty decent though. Which ones do you own? Any particular recommendations?