YouTube | Tutorial Smoky Brown Chestnut

So, after having introduced you to some purchases that I've made, I went ahead and made a video for the Smoky Chestnut Quad.

I originally starting making videos just to practice my skills but I'm finding that it's helping me out in so much more. Being able to communicate what I'm doing, getting practice at editing videos and really helping me with my presentation skills. Saying ummmm, so much is not a good look. And maybe being a little dressed up more. lol. My hair needs some attention.

And I wanted to give a special thanks to the readers who've stuck it out with me thus far. I really feel I'm in a place to make things happen and I have God to thank for that. Thanks to so much knowledge and wisdom, I've gained as of late, I know KissyFace Artistry can only go up from here! I'll do a special post on that tomorrow.

So enough of me rambling, below are the products I've used.

Base| French Fries by NYX
Lashline| #1*
Lid/Crease| #2*
Inner Tearduct| cream color to the side*
Lower Lashline | #1*
*all colors come from the Quadpro

Concealer| Level 6 Brightening Concealer by Prescriptives ( no longer made. #sadface )
Powder| Mineralized Skin Finish ( MSF) by M.A.C.
Cheeks| Coral blush by Be Chic

Gloss| Mauve Infallible Lipgloss by L'oreal topped off with Clear lipglass by M.A.C.

And here are a few pics too!

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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