KissyFace Approved? | EOS Lip Balm

Long time no blog! Yes, I know. How typical. So instead of boring you with the details lets press on with the some newness.

In one of my previous posts I introduced you to this little beauty.

As you you can see, It's been worn done to the little mound that you see before you.

The one I purchased was mint. So what did I think?

I loved it! It's applied with no problem and it left a tingly mint feeling on my lips and tasted minty too. It was really moisturizing and really helped me out during those dry lip emergency moments. And what I was surprised about was the length of time that it stayed on my lips. Even in the midst of eating and  no matter the weather, it lasted for hours. I wasn't constantly reapplying, which was a definite plus.

It was even a great conversation starter. Every time I pulled it out people were questioning as to what it was because of it's odd shape.

This is definitely KissyFace Approved. And I'm definitely going to be adding it to my kit.

In fact, I went out and purchased the honeydew scented/flavored one. I like this one even more because of the scent. So, if your ever in the market for a lip balm this is definetely one to consider. =)

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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*FTC Disclosure:  These were purchased with my own funds
and were not provided  by the manufacturer for consideration.

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