YouTube| Autumn Beauty Series: Cherry Raspberry Delight

So, after going a month without making a video, I'm back in the game.

I must say that getting this video edited was a hassle. From being busy with school, having Windows Movie Maker issues and a side of lazyness, this video took a week to get done. But hopefully, I'll find a routine and stick with it.

I've included some pics. As you can see I was heavy handed with the concealer in my brows which is a no-no. But I'm posting the pics to serve as a reminder and to show you guys that everything isn't always perfect and I have room for improvement. And I'm always willing to grow from my experiences.

The list of products used are as follows:
Lid| Jazzy Bronze ( NYX)
Crease| Sweet Chestnut
Highlight| Nano Gold
Lower Lashline| (outside to inside) sweet chestnut, jazzy bronze, nanogold
Waterline and Upper Lashline| Zero by Urban Decay
Mascara| L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition in Blackest Black

Concealer| MAC NW45
Powder| MAC Mineralized SkinFinish in Deep Dark
Cheeks | MAC Raizin

Lipgloss| Queen Bee Liglass ( M.A.C.)

Till Next Time!

 Much Love & Many Blessings, 
B. Pierre

P.S. I'm aware of the off-center pics. Blogger did not want to cooperate so I left it as is. o_O. lol

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