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Could you tell I was nervous?

Well, I was. But I will say the experience was amazing. I've already learned so much on how to make the next one better. I was able to actually talk after all even though my voice sounded not so good.

I just know for next time that I've got to relax and sloooooooow doooown while I'm talking. I'm a fast-talker by nature and that's not translating so well on camera. I can go on and on and pick on other flaws but I'm just glad that I did it.

Stay tuned for another look that I'll have up by the end of this week. Since autumn is in the air, I'm going to go in this direction.

Outside of expanding my network, I really hope this channel will really help me to refine my craft, speaking skills and teaching skills as well. And besides, it's something fun too. Hope your week is off to an amazing start, loves. =)

Much love & Many blessings,
B. Pierre

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