Chairs Galore!

Simply said,I need a new make-up chair. What I've been using so far doesn't cut it. My little rinka-dink chair has my back hurting whenever I'm doing make-up with all the bending and awkward angles I find myself configuring to in order to apply my clients make-up. And it's not so comfortable for my clients which is not cool. As its intended purpose as a desk chair its fine. And its use stops there. So now I'm deciding on investing on a make-up chair. I'm trying to find something portable and easy to travel with. Also, as unimportant it maybe, I want something cute.
Ikea- Bar Stool $19.99
Wal-Mart- Set of 2 Bar Stools $70.00
Amazon.com-Set of 2 Bar Stools $142.49

Initially I wanted just to pick up something like the options above for all use whether I'm doing make-up at home or on-location. I'm gravitating to the IKEA option, initially because of price. I can purchase two and still come out cheaper than buying the other sets. Also the higher back that it provides for the comfort of the client gives it a thumbs up in my book.

But below are examples that I'm also looking to purchase later as a permanent in-home option. Financially, I'll make do with collapsible bar stool and then upgrade to purchasing one of the air lift stools.

Bed Bath & Beyond- Air Lift Stool $99.99

Wal-Mart- Air Lift Stool $79.99

Most likely the purchase for the initial bar stool will be made by the end of the month.

Look out for my next post I'll fill you in my woes and joys of graduation weekend. Business really has been picking up and I'm creating a buzz in my circle. So I'm highly optimistic that this summer for KissyFace Artistry will be on the up and up. I even plan to head to over to my local Small Business Development Center Office to make things a bit more official, get some information on being an entrepreneur and to be on the up and up on what my options are. I'll keep you posted on that too.


yummy411 said...

hi! thanks for following my blog. i have the first ikea chair you pictured. it works, it's tall and wonderful, but i think i'm getting a back up chair.. a directors chair as it may be a tad bit more comfy for the client. soft back rest (yes.. very important to have something to rest your back on) and arm rests. they can get comfy and let me do my thing! LOL

KissyFace Artistry said...

It's been a pleasure. I've been following you on google reader for a while but I finally created a blogspot. After noticing the expansive community on here, I got the guts to create one and blog myself. So the first chair is definitely an option. But the director's chair would be a great option as well. I might have to reconsider. Hmmmmmm, ut for the right price of course because I am in college. lol

yummy411 said...

yay, congrats on starting a blog!

i hear ya! nyx has a director's style chair on their site and i'm waiting for it to come back in stock to see how much it is... but do i really want a chair with a big nyx on it..? i don't like 'endorsing' any one brand =p yeh i def got my chair cuz the price is right. thanks again for reading the blog =)