Kit Building 101: Kit Tested, KissyFace Artistry Approved

Well, I had the last interview and it went really well. But before that final interview I tested two new items to see whether or not they'd make appropriate additions to my kit.

With the New MAC Style Warriors collection that recently came out I was really interested in their Lustre Drops. But after getting a tip from Reflections of Beauty that there was a dupe available, instead of dishing out $18.50, I paid less then $9.00 at Wal-mart (I can't recall the exact retail price, sorry.) for the comparable.
I mixed a little with the foundation, more so 3 parts foundation to 1 part bronzing liquid.
After mixing the two I applied it to my face.
Sorry for the overexposure. I'm figuring out that I'm in
need of a new camera esp. with all the make-up pics
I've been taking as of late.

The picture doesn't do the outcome justice at all. The glow that it created was amazing! I spent a little too much time angling my face to the light watching how it would catch the sunlight from my window. lol

KissyFace Approved?: Definitely. But it only comes in one color. MAC has three options. I plan on purchasing Pink Rebel from MAC just to add variety to my kit.

Tip: You have to be very careful when mixing it in with your moisturizer or foundation that it doesn't over power your look. Incorrect proportions can have you looking like an over-bronzed dame, unless that's the look you're trying to achieve.

My application wasn't done with my handy fingers like usual but with a new brush I picked up. Personally, I am not a fan of the traditional foundation brush and have been on the hunt for a better alternative. And this past weekend I found it. Initially, I purchased a $34 Air Brush from Sephora. I must admit that it was uber-soft but I never got to use it, with good reason.
After hitting up Target and browsing through their Sonia Kashuk brushes, instantly I wanted to head back to Sephora and return the recent purchase. I saw a Sonia Kashuk Duo-Fibre Stipling Brush. And get this it was only $11.99! I could almost get three Sonia's for one Sephora, so that was a no-brainer, right back to Sephora the Air Brush went.

But no regrets, I was pretty impressed with the alternative.

KissyFace Approved? Yes, 10x over. For such an economical price, I'll definitely be adding at least three or four of them to my kit. The bristles worked effectively and blended my foundation effortlessly.

So now I'm slowly but surely crossing things of off the get-these-things-for-my-kit list. Thus far my additions have been bargain finds but I don't necessarily think an item has to be expensive to get the job done. Great quality can definitely be found at affordable prices. Tomorrow I'm getting a package in from E.l.f. Cosmetics. I'll be sharing the details for it next week. It's just more items for my kit :-)

Have a great Thursday all! As for me I'll be attached to the library doing some much needed studying.

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. And a little fun fact about me is that I love painting my nails. Whenever I look down at my nails after a polish change or design upgrade it just brings a smile to my face. I did this on Memorial Day. I've been antsy to do polka-dotted nails for a while and I finally did. And the little black dot is a pen mark. I was being impatient and wanted to test if it was dry but didn't bother fixing it. Aside from that, they came out pretty nice, right?


Makeup On A Budget said...

There is a duo fiber stippling brush at Target by studio tools for &6.99 I believe! I saw it but I didn't buy it because I already have 2 stippling brushes. I've heard good things about the brush, check it out!

Makeup On A Budget said...

Also, the glow on your skin is fab! I've tried it with vanilla pigment also, it looks great. Great job B!

KissyFace Artistry said...

Girl, thanks for the kind words.... :-) That little bottle is definitely going to be a staple in my foundation process. I find my self mixing it with my moisturizer and it just looks fab to. It was definitely a great buy. and with the Studio Tools stippling brush, I didn't see it there when I stopped by maybe I'll look it up next time I'm in there "browsing" lol