Clientele Highlight: Sk8r Gurl

This past week a friend of mine wanted her make-up done for a photoshoot and of course she reached out to me for her make-up, which I glady did. She wanted a bright look to match the aqua tank she was rockin that day. Below are a few pics from the shoot. I really wanted her eyes to pop in the session and I think it was achieved.

I really think they came out lovely. And my friend Edson Andre was the photographer. Checkout his Web site to see more of his great work at edsonandre.com I've known him for close to five years and his skills with a camera are A-Ma-Zing.

Products used:
Eyeshadow Bases: UDPP, followed by NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Eyeshadows: Turquoise Tempest and Raisin by CoverGirl
Eyeliner: Black Gel Liner by Jane
Foundation: MAC- I forgot but it's TBU ( To Be Updated)
Powder: MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural in Deep Dark
Bronzer: Fiji by Jane
Blush:Ambering Rose by M.A.C.
Lips: a no-name red-tinted gloss from a KISS lipgloss palette

Lessons Learned:
*Be ready for quick changes.
-Since I didn't do a consultation with her, I hadn't had enough time to prepare. But I took it all in stride and I think I handled it really well.

*Have a better understanding of bases.
-Initially, I had her main lid color under a blue base. I wasn't too pleased with it so I changed it to white and it worked perfectly.

*Always ask questions
-I really want the client to be happy with the work. So I'm sure to ask for their opinion and any specific elements they want added or subtracted. Because in they end I want them to be happy with the look I gave them.

*Better options and back-ups are a must.
-My collection is still in the growing stage. So I had to use her own foundation to give her the look. I'm still researching foundation options. Even though I hear great things about M.A.C and MUFE, it's not so pocket-friendly to add a whole set of foundation options to my kit.

But overall, it was a pleasure to work with her. And at the same time have work to add to my portfolio, which I'm still deciding how best to put it together. But I'll be posting on that on a later date.

XOXO & many blessings,
B. Pierre


Makeup On A Budget said...

Good job B! I've heard good things about NYX's foundation.

KissyFace Artistry said...

Really? I definitely need to look into that then. I want to do some research on RCA and I think Cinema Secrets too.