Expanding My Horizons: Events/Conferences Galore!

If you've been under a rock in the Amazon then you probably haven't heard about this past week's The Makeup Show NYC, a yearly event that brings beauty enthusiasts from around the country together for the love of make-up.

As great as it would have been to attend, the pockets were giving me the side eye and saying, "hex nawl. Don't you dare" lol. But nonetheless after reading countless other blogs and watching numerous Youtube videos, it was like I was there, not missing a beat. But as soon as that were over, a slew of other opportunities have popped up.

After getting a Tweet from ClumpsofMascara, I was informed of a local event in Orlando, Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event. But it's just around the corner and right before a major exam (darn it!). So that's crossed of the list.

But after doing a little more digging, I found a few more events. I may not be able to attend but I felt the need to share. You never know, you maybe can attend or probably share it with others.

After getting another Tweet Update from ScandalousBeauty, I learned about IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show). The event is open to the public and is a location for make-up artists, vendors, manufacturers and enthusiasts to discuss, display, discover and collect on everything make-up. But thats around the corner as well, slated for June 20-21. So that's scratched off the list too (or maybe not, lol).

And another one that I had to sadly cross of the list of opportunities was BlogHer Conferences set for July 23-25 (Actually, I'm still debating). It's hosted in Chicago and from what I've read it's a weekend filled with more of the business side of blogging, which may play a great role with what I'm specifically trying to persue. It seems to be loaded with speakers on a range of topics and another opportunity to network.

I just want to know where was I when all the planning was going on? Can a girl get a heads up on these awesome events please? lol

But no worries, after a little more research, I finally found one that's a little further along in the year, which gives me plenty more time to plan and prepare for properly.

And that is::drumroll please::—Blogalicious Weekend.

Blogalicious Site Badge

It's only one state away and I sure do love a good road trip. And after visiting the site to get some information on what they have to offer, it seems like a great atmosphere to meet some other bloggers. It's described as a weekend getaway for women of color to get together that combines all the things women love about blogging with the added element of face-to-face interactions. But that's not what really sold me on the event. It was the itinerary for the weekend and the keynote speakers.

I may be new to beauty blogging but I really want to soak up all that I can from all perspectives.

All I know is that the pockets are going to have to get a little fatter in order to officially add these to my agenda, but best believe I'm working on that.

And speaking of fatter pockets, I have a third interview for the same retail position I mentioned on Monday. I really hope I get this job because I've never experienced a three-interview process.

Well on that note, I'll bid adieu!

XOXO and many blessings,

B. Pierre

P.S. If you're aware of any events later on in the year, I'd definitely love to learn more about them. Thanks in advance!

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