Beauty 101: Shades, Tones and Tints

Happy Tuesday Morning Lovelies,

Even though school is out my "real" education is just beginning or shall I say is recommencing. I mentioned in a previous post as to how I forgot what the focus of my blog was and that I really want to get back to that. One of the most important thing to my blog was sharing what I've been learning. And I haven't been doing that. Now with school out of the way, I can really pour my energy into studying beauty. I'm so excited. When I dive in? I DIVE IN. So be prepared for the overload.

And to start things off, we're going to start with foundation. I really want to dedicate this summer to foundation. One post a week will be dedicated to that topic. There's so much I don't know and that needs to be remedied immediately. So why not share, right?   I've got other ideas looming in my head for the blog too but I've got to map it out. =)

I really want to perfect my foundation application skills and truly be able to match a woman's skin tone beautifully. In the past I've been fine to mix colors but not necessarily take on this higher skilled approach from this video I'm presenting to you.

Thanks to Koren of EnkoreMakeup, I came away with these three new vocabulary words:

Tint= Color + White
Tone= Color + Grey
Shade= Color + Black

And I definitely need to get a color wheel ASAP.

Looking forward to sharing with you what I learn as I partake on this journey. So far so good, right?

This post was just a kickoff sharing my excitement as to what I'm already learning. But next week, I want to focus on  moisturizers then primers because essentially that what a good foundation starts off with, which are those key steps.

Is there anything in particular you want to learn about foundation? Foundation tips you want to share? Comment down below. I'd love to read what you know or desire to know. We can all learn together

Much Love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

P.S. Do not sleep on Youtube. People are sharing some awesome information.

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