KissyFace Approved? | Black Radiance Concealer

Yesterday I uploaded my review on all the products that I  had purchased from Black Radiance and shared with you a more in-depth review as to what I particularly thought about the foundations which I was pleased with immensely.

Now on the other hand, I wasn't too pleased with the concealers.

I picked up colors 8002 and 8003, which were the darkest two colors that were available. Each were $1.74. They came in lipstick tubes which I appreciate because it'd be easier for personal application.

When initially swiping them they applied with great ease but when it came to blending out. They lacked the necessary creaminess or moisture to blend out the edges. It'd conceals but when I want to blend out the edges or sheer it out a bit after initially applying it. The best one that I'd use would be 8002 for general blemishes but for to brighten up my under eye area, I'm not sure if the next shade up will suit my needs. But for now I'll stick with my M.A.C. concealer for that. 

We all already know the verdict but for the sake of writing this post, It's not kit worthy. It's for personal use but not good enough to use on my clients. For it to be as inexpensive as it is, it's fine but I won't be repurchasing it though.

I've got a few more reviews up my sleeve this week.

Have an awesome day lovelies!

Much love & Many Blessings,
B. Pierre

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